EX.METAL was founded in 1998 by people with a vast experience in the design and manufacturing systems of joining systems and stand alone or assembly metal accessories.

It is a fast responding, flexible company focused int the design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of joining systems and metals accessories, which are exclusively distributed in both foreign and domestic markets thoughout selected partners and collaborating industries.

EX.METAL is able to cover all the needs of the specific industry as well as the wide range of special items made to order.

The driving force behind the continuous advancement and creativity of the company is the visionary character and the accumulated experience of its founders.

Locks & Cremones
Extra Latching
Corner Joints
Press Corners & Extras
Alignment Squares
Corner Joints for Drivers
Additional Joint Corners
Bases for Curtain Wall
Photovoltaic Accessories
Several Products

The qualitative production of useful products for the achievement of essential collaboration with our customers.

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